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19 & 20 March 2018 - Shanghai/ 22 & 23 March 2018 - Singapore
19 & 20 March 2018 - Shanghai/ 22 & 23 March 2018 - Singapore
The Management Skills, Practices And Processes That Lead To Better Customer Relationships And Higher Revenues
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Strategic Vision Group is a world leader of unrivalled high quality business to business intelligence provider. We help organizations of all sizes optimize their people and processes, leading to outstanding professional development and superior business results. Our impeccable and highly targeted conferences, workshops and masterlasses have benefitted a growing client base made up of international fortune 500 companies and local industry key players.

At Strategic Vision Group, we make the difference by delivering a 100% commitment to uncovering the latest business issues and developing events that address them. Our advantage is our flexibility and ability to respond quickly to the requirements and needs of all our customers, ensuring that all our products are highly relevant, innovative and timely.

All of our events are convened with leading industry experts. We rely extensively on primary research skills and contacts within industry to provide practical platforms where executives can learn, network, and benchmark themselves with their industry peers.
As a knowledge-based business, our success is built on the unique capabilities of our people. Many are leaders in their disciplines and work together to produce ground-breaking achievements for our clients.
Exhibiting the highest levels of professionalism, competency and ethics, we work together as teams to make the difference to our clients.