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14 & 15 Mar 2019 - Shanghai/ 18 & 19 Mar 2019 - Singapore/ 21 & 22 Mar 2019 - Bangkok
The Management Skills, Practices And Processes That Lead To Better Customer Relationships And Higher Revenues
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12 & 13 Mar 2019 - Shanghai/ 21 & 22 Mar 2019 - Bangkok / 28 & 29 Mar 2019 - Singapore


At Strategic Vision Group we never want to turn away talent! However, we are not for everyone. If you have an outstanding communication skill, marked by strong analytical skill, a desire to become the best in your field, domestic and international opportunities await you to learn and grow with this dynamic company.
How we reward our people?
In addition to a competitive basic salary, we reward and recognise excellent performance and empower our people to deliver outstanding results through attractive performance related commissions. 
How we develop our people?
People are Strategic Vision Group’s most significant asset and we take pride in investing in them. Starting from the very first day at Strategic Vision Group, we educate, motivate, inspire and challenge our people to develop to excel in their field. We provide on going comprehensive and on the job training to our people, individual performance is assessed and appraised from time to time. For those who aspired to grow with Strategic Vision Group, we offer a fast track career path to management level, and international opportunities to grow and develop.
Why Strategic Vision Group?
We offer a challanging and fun loving working conditions and environment, sustainable professional development through systematic and continuous training and development, as well as competitive compensation and benefits.
The nature of our work will equip you with the short cut to enter the business world and help you obtain strategic thinking, analytical capability, and negotiation skills with high-end business professionals.Whether you choose this industry as your permanent career or not, the working experience in Strategic Vision Group would establish a solid foundation for your future career.