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Ensure your commercial negotiation outcomes are accurately documented whilst risks are properly mitigated

15 & 16 March 2017, Singapore

Why should you attend?

While there are many learning opportunities that deliver relevant (but highly technical or merely theoretical) information about the impact of recent case law and/or changes in regulations – there are comparatively few that focus on developing practical contracting skills specifically for use in a day-to-day operational procurement contracting context.
By focussing on practical skills, this workshop will enable procurement resources to achieve a higher degree of contracting competency thereby creating a measure of independence from reliance on contracting specialists.
In tough times, organisations have to do more with less resource. Participants in this workshop will leave with an improved contracting skill set, which will allow them to do more in a procurement context that may be experiencing headcount restrictions, or worse, lay-offs. Taken further and skilfully applied, the risk management concepts from this workshop can help an organisation create a more efficient contracting process that will conserve scarce contracting resources, allowing the supply chain to better handle work volumes.
Finally, with a higher capability to accurately incorporate business scopes and commercial models into contracting processes and documents – participants leaving this workshop will be more able to ensure that business value is protected when it is most needed.

By attending this workshop, participants shall be able to:
• Explain how their procurement contracts are structured, organised and how they function
• Confidently deal with internal business partners and legal advisors, earning respect for a high level of contract knowledge
• Better understand how supply chain risk is managed through good contracting practices
• Effectively capture and document procurement scopes into contract forms or templates
• Select and articulate the most appropriate contract type for a given procurement action
• Utilise best practices in contract management to generate more optimal contracting results

Who should attend?

Supply Chain Directors, SVPs, VPs, General Managers, who are interested in implementing a more strategic approach to contracting enterprise-wide; as well as Senior Managers, Managers in the supply chain function who wants to develop or improve capabilities in contracting.
• Supply Chain
• Procurement
• Legal/Contract
• Operations
• Supplier Relationship Management
• Sourcing
• Inventory Management
• Strategic Planning