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Maximising benefits in cost saving and customer satisfaction by taking the radically different actions in redesigning your supply chain

17 & 18 August 2017

Why should you attend?

• Establishing a reliable, flexible and profitable supply chain by effectively re-engineering it with strategic approach and advanced Supply Chain Management toolkit
• Having a better understanding of Supply Chain Thinking to improve your competitive strategies that in turn allow for optimisation of organisational operations, roles and information systems
• Mastering the practical project management disciplines to design and improve supply chains based on the respected Project Management Institute’s Body of Knowledge and other global standards
• Evaluating the role of enabling processes that support multiple supply chains to better recognise the needs of customer segments and product lines
• Working toward end-to-end data and process visibility throughout the supply chain to improve utilisation of manufacturing capacity and distribution efficiencies
• Adopting the specific techniques for identifying and documenting supply chain processes and assuring they satisfy strategic purposes
• Leading to the demand-driven supply chain through addressing root causes
• Gaining understanding of the advance inventory management skills and executing in the multi-company chain
• 60 days post–workshop support via phone/email on workshop covered materials/ topics

Competitive advantage is more and more determined by the ability to respond to customer requirements. Research has shown that a well-organised supply chain that can meet these requirements is crucial to firm performance. Top performance in supply chain management will result into success at the organisational level. More than ever it is important to know what drives performance in a supply chain. Such quantum leaps are often necessary to stay ahead of competition.

For years, researchers and practitioners have primarily investigated the various processes within manufacturing supply chains individually. Recently, however, there has been increasing attention placed on the performance, design, and analysis of the supply chain as a whole. This attention is largely a result of the rising costs of manufacturing, the shrinking resources of manufacturing bases, shortened product life cycles, the levelling of the playing field within manufacturing, and the globalisation of market economies.

Who should attend?

This workshop is intended for individuals from Purchasing, Supply Management, Engineering, R&D, Manufacturing, Quality, Logistics, Marketing and Finance. In fact, virtually anyone who is responsible for reducing the all-in-cost of his/her firm’s materials, equipment and services should attend.

CEOs, COOs, EDs, Directors, SVPs, VPs, General Managers, Senior Managers, Managers of:
• Forecasting/Planning
• New Product Forecasting
• Supply Chain Management
• Allocation and Planning
• Strategic Planning
• Demand Management Process
• Brand Management
• Promotions Planning
• Finance
• Production Planning
• Merchandising
• Product Life-Cycle
• Trade Promotions
• Retail Collaboration
• Sales & Marketing
• Market Research
• Sales Analysis
• Statistical Modelling

and all others who either can influence what customers will buy or who are responsible for the product availability and customer service or strategic planning.