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15 & 16 November 2017 - Shanghai

Why should you attend?

You communicate at work with all levels and types of relationships, your suppliers, customers, potential customers, distributors, etc. Are you able to build rapport with your potential customers? Are you able to reduce conflict when it arises? Are you able to deal with difficult relationships with ease? Are you able to successfully cooperate with them and achieve a common objective? Communication is not to pass on messages. It is to build lasting long relationships that benefit both you and your business partners. If you want to build lasting long relationships with all levels and all types of business partners, you can’t miss this workshop.

Enneagram is an in-depth profiling system that offers insights to master individual and group relationships. It helps you understand what drives other’s behaviours so as to appreciate the differences, lessen misunderstandings and build lasting business relationships. In this workshop, you’ll deepen your understanding on the differences and drivers behind each person you encounter at work and enhance your effectiveness in building lasting business relationships.

How will you benefit?

1. Understand Enneagram profiling system

2. Identify strengths and challenges each personality style faces in the workplace

3. Build rapport, reduce conflict and deal with difficult business relationships

4. Eliminate judgement and foster appreciation on the differences of those in your business relationships

5. Deepen your understanding on what drives each type’s behaviours

6. Establish long-term business relationships

Who should attend?

CEOs, COOs, CIOs, Directors, VPs, SVPs, General Managers, Senior Managers across industries and