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13 & 14 November 2017 - Shanghai

Why should you attend?

You may have worked on your leadership skills, even your professional image. But the moment you open your mouth to speak, your voice either confirms or negates the impression and impact you have on others. Let alone how your voice affects the way people follow you and look up to you. Most great leaders have worked on their voices. They know their voices can give people the confidence and express their conviction. If you want to command respect whenever and whoever you talk to and if you want to make people look up to you and follow you, you can’t ignore the powerful tool you have, your voice.

You want to have a stronger and more powerful voice that can command attention and convey your passion, a voice that projects the image of a successful leader to whom people look up, and a voice that motivates and inspires people. You know you lack something in the sound of your voice but can’t figure out what it is. You want to sound calm, confident and authoritative at all situations, especially under stress or in the first few minutes of your speech. Unfortunately, it seems your voice always works against you. At times, you speak fast and try to get your message out quickly.

Your staff has difficulty catching up with you and the result they give you frustrates you. You tried to remind yourself to slow down but after a few minutes your voice runs back to the fast lane. You wonder if there’s ever an effective way to slow down your speech rate. In this interactive, practical and fun workshop, Cynthia will help you discover your confident and powerful voice through the 6-module Influential Voice System so as to make your voice work for you and achieve the impact you want. She will empower you with tools and techniques to ensure you speak with confidence, credibility and impact at any given situation.

How will you benefit?

1. Improve your vocal image to sound polished, professional, and powerful                                 

2. Speak with an authoritative voice to command attention and inspire action

3. Develop the quality of your voice to enhance your vocal presence

4. Overcome sharp and shrill voice to develop a deeper voice that projects authority

5. Develop voice resonance to speak with an authoritative voice and speak for long hours without ever losing your voice

6. Develop voice dynamics to command attention, convey passion and inspire your audience into action

7. Increase your volume properly to sound authoritative

8. Gain new insights about yourself in discovering your voice

Who should attend?

CEOs, COOs, CIOs, Directors, VPs, SVPs, General Managers, Senior Managers across industries and