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Retail Pricing

Developing an ultimate pricing strategy to maximize ROI through price and margin with retail

16 & 17 January 2012, Jakarta

Why should you attend?

In the current climate of austerity the retail landscape is changing and retailers are becoming increasingly challenging to suppliers on price and margins. Added in this is that in some markets there is a price war going on and suppliers can feel that they are being squeezed from all sides. The workshop will review what these changes are, what they mean for the supplier and how best to deal with them, turning them into a positive trading environment.

This course will take you through the various ways in which you can set your own pricing strategy that is flexible and meets your profit needs and the various needs of the retailers you deal with. The course will get the attendees to challenge their own thinking and pricing hierarchy as well as give them a strategic approach to dealing with different retailers in different markets. At the end of this course attendees will understand how to improve their negotiation on price and make more profit for the products they are selling.

Key Benefits:

1. Receive a workshop book that enables clear understanding of all the topics and creating a route-plan for successful follow through

2. Get a Pricing Map that will take you through all stages of pricing hierarchy needed to be successful

3. Analyze the various factors affecting pricing from a manufacturers perspective

4. Construction of a pricing template that breaks down price and margin

5. Learn how to price your goods in the ever changing market place

6. Examine pricing from a retailers perspective and how they use price and margin in negotiation

7. Determine the best ways to enter a domestic or foreign market at the right price and margin

8. Evaluate the importance of Private Label products in a pricing hierarchy and what this means for your brand

Who should attend?

Any FMCG brands that deal with retailers and want to maximise that relationship for the good of their brand will benefit enormously. Any of the brands involved in NPD processes should attend, but also those whose brands are struggling to gain market share through retailers.

Directors, Division Heads, Senior Managers, General Managers, Managers and specialists who are responsible for:

·       Retail and Wholesale supplier management

·       FMCG producers commercial teams

·       National and Brand account managers

·       Senior Retail Sales Representatives

·       Brand Marketing for FMCG

·       Commercial Business

·       Channel Marketing & Strategy for FMCG suppliers

·       Consumer Analyst

From the following industries:

·         Food and non-food retail suppliers

·         Clothing and textile retail suppliers

·         Pharmaceutical and Nutritional retail suppliers

·         Food & Beverage manufacturers