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The Financial Side of Supply Chain Management

Assessing, analysing and resolving the key financial issues within Supply Chain Management

2 - 3 December 2013 (Singapore) and 5 – 6 December 2013 (Jakarta)

Why should you attend?

For most companies, the business supply chain now represents the critical cost element and key leverage point to managing cost and service effective change. It is financial management working closely with supply chain management that can result in significant operations improvement directed at cost reductions and market leverage. Knowing what to look for and where to look can provide significant opportunities to successful management in today’s business environment.

This program is designed to assist business finance officers through a better understanding of the key financial elements of supply chain management through examination of critical supply chain elements and case studies including:

  • Supply chain leverage points
  • Sourcing and buying decisions
  • Inventory management - capital versus operating costs
  • Rationalising key cost elements
  • Benchmarking – measures and metrics

The course will profile and assess the key elements within the business supply chain focusing on the key or critical financial factors. It will examine, through both lecture and case study, financial flows of supply chain cycles and focus on how to identify key leverage points within the cycle. In addition, it will demonstrate where and how to address these key leverage points in a priority sequence.


Key Benefits:

  • Course designed by professionals with combined 50+ years of practical business operations and financial management experience
  • Learn, interact and resolve financial issues within the business supply chain
  • Gain hands-on experience in financial aspects of supply chain management based on cases of international best practices on supply chain finance
  • Gain experience and tools in addressing supply chain financial issues – “What to look for and how to look”
  • Post–workshop support via phone/email on workshop covered materials / topics


Who should attend?

Financial managers as well as operations managers with responsibility for supply chain activities will benefit from this program. This includes all levels from executive through functional leaders. Program content will however be more directed to senior decision makers where demonstrated processes and tools will focus on decision making and be directed at results.

  • Directors and Executives in Supply Chain Operations Management
  • Executives in Supply Chain Finance
  • Production and Inventory Directors and Managers
  • Finance Executives and Managers in Operations Finance
  • Marketing and Sales Executives responsible for S & OP
  • Sourcing and Procurement Executives
  • Directors and Managers of Distribution
  • Transportation Operations Management personnel
  • Customer Service Management personnel