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Improving Performance Management Systems in Government

Determine how to improve government performance-based planning, budgeting, monitoring and analysis, reporting and decision making.

29 & 30 January 2015, Singapore

Why should you attend?

The volatile economy of recent years, from the world financial crisis to mixed patterns of growth in different countries, have meant that governments cannot count on steadily growing public revenue to meet all demands for public services. To meet this challenge, governments must not just make their services more efficient, but must make them more effective in achieving public goals.

And, as volatility in the economy, the environment, and other spheres becomes the norm, one-time improvements in operations or strategy are not enough.  Government organisations need robust performance management systems enabling them to use performance information in regular cycles of analysis and decision making for continuous and strategic performance improvement.

This course provides a best-practice model for a performance management system, criteria for assessing the major sub-systems of performance management, and practice using the criteria. That will enable participants to assess and recommend improvements in performance management systems of their own organisation or of other government organisations they may have the responsibility to review. In so doing, the value their work adds will be greatly leveraged, as they will not just be helping their organisations improve performance once. Instead, they will help them improve the underlying systems of performance management, decision making, and accountability to enable their organisations to achieve strategic and continuous performance improvement.

Key Benefits:

  • Become a high-leverage performer for your organisation when you use the skills and practices taught in this course
  • Achieve high-leverage performance by helping your organisation strengthen the methods used to achieve better decision making and continuous, systemic performance improvement instead of one-time improvement
  • The practices you will learn can be applied at any level of government (e.g. national, regional, local) and at any level of the government entity (e.g., the entire government, a department, division, or agency, a program or service) making these flexible skills that can be widely applied to virtually any kind of government organisation or program
  • 60 days post–workshop support via email or phone on workshop covered materials

Who should attend?

For Government and Non-Profit Organisations Only

Chief executives, deputies, vice presidents, COOs, CFOs, senior managers, managers, analytic staff or auditors of government or quasi-government organizations working in:

  • Management or Planning Analysis
  • Internal Audit
  • Budget
  • Evaluation or Oversight
  • Operations
  • Programme or Service Delivery
  • Finance
  • Performance Report and Analysis
  • Legislative staff groups involved in reviewing government performance or using performance information for decision making or accountability
  • External Audit