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Social Media Succes For B2C

Mastering the latest hands-on skills for creatively using social media, featuring advanced techniques to maximise your results in business.

28 & 29 October 2015, Singapore

Why should you attend?

This masterclass will take you through the latest hands-on skills for creatively using social media, featuring advanced techniques to maximise your results. Advance your content practices to get the most return from your social media strategy while learning how the latest platform changes can be used to your advantage.

The course is full of best practice examples and in-depth practical advice, this two day masterclass will provide you with a full understanding of social and its business opportunity. You will leave this two day masterclass with the ability to apply expert tools and techniques to promote your organisation online.

Key Benefits:

  • Assessing techniques and a blue print on how to create an effective social media strategy
  • Gaining insights on audience behaviours and targeting
  • Evaluating best practices and how to deal with problems if they arise
  • Reviewing measurement of success and knowing what to measure
  • Manipulating main social media platforms (Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook for Businesss, YouTube, Blogging and Google+) and how to use them effectively in context to your business
  • Mastering tools you can use to help resource social media and find opportunities you may previously have missed
  • The essentiality of having a social media policy in place
  • Complimentary 90 days’ post–workshop review by trainer’s company to give you an analytical insight to your progression and campaigns on social media

Who should attend?

This course is designed for anyone connected to a business wishing to leverage the power of social media marketing to increase their business performance.  Target markets have included small business owners, marketing executives, directors, entrepreneurs, civil servants to global brands from backgrounds as diverse from farming to airlines.

Directors, Division Heads, Senior Managers, General Managers, Managers, and senior staff responsible for:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing
  • Product Marketing and Strategy
  • Branding
  • New Product Development
  • Trade Marketing