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Integrated Risk, Crisis and Business Continuity Management

Creating resilient organisations by integrating the principal functions of governance required to prepare for and manage disruption: risk, crisis and business continuity management

20, 21 & 22 January 2016, Singapore

Why should you attend?

The purpose of this 3 day workshop is to enable you to understand what we mean by making your organisation more resilient. It is designed for anyone new or experienced in Risk, Crisis and Business Continuity.

The key requirement of a resilient organisation is a range of integrated processes for managing risk, crises and business continuity. The workshop will explore these components and explain why they are more important today than ever before and how they are managed for maximum benefit.

This workshop will examine and explore how to manage an integrated programme of risk, crisis and continuity management and demonstrate via practical examples what we all need do to ensure we have a safe, secure and sustainable working environment which is fit to face the future.

Key Benefits:

  • Learn how to develop and implement an integrated 3 process (risk, crisis and continuity) framework in your organisation
  • Analyse and understand the six vital life-cycle steps involved in managing an integrated risk, crisis and continuity programme
  • Discover the best practice tools, tips and techniques for developing an integrated approach to your risk, crisis and continuity program
  • Learn how to develop risk-sensitive, decision-effective responses for crisis management and the priorities for continuity in your business-critical activities and processes
  • Understand how to audit, benchmark and continuously improve your risk, crisis and continuity capabilities
  • Ability to manage incidents and crises in the field with a proven 3 tier structured incident command process
  • Satisfy the internal and external audit communities: plans actually work! You demonstrate “saying what you do and doing what you say”
  • Alignment with ISO 31000 (Risk Management), BS 11200:2014 (Crisis Management) ISO 22301:2012 (Business Continuity), and other relevant international standards
  • Improve organisational resilience and therefore performance within proven risk, crisis and business continuity management frameworks
  • Improve management of business complexity and process dependencies
  • Understand your current status and the process for implementing and improving your risk, crisis and business continuity capabilities
  • Identify and reach agreement about your critical activities and the resources needed to keep your business operational during times of crisis
  • Understand the process for prioritising products and services that must be recovered following an incident, and the timescales within which this must be done

Who should attend?

From across all industries

The workshop will be extremely useful for anyone with a strategic and operational responsibility for risk, crisis management and business continuity, e.g. Managing Directors, Directors, Divisional and Head of Departments, Senior and Line Managers and Line Managers in the following functional areas of responsibility:

  • Risk Management
  • Business Continuity Management
  • Crisis Management
  • Information Security and Assurance
  • Operations Management
  • Facilities Management
  • IT Management
  • Corporate Services
  • HR Management