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Demand Planning and Sales Forecasting Best Practices

Benchmarking best practices and world class strategies to maximize forecast accuracy and cost savings.

18 - 19 August 2016 (Manila) and 25 - 26 August 2016 (Singapore)

Most companies are uncoordinated when it comes to forecasting and demand planning. Demand planning is not an isolated function within your organisation. Planning customer demand has direct relations to assortment planning, commercial targets and replenishment policy. So simply using a calculator to do the math will not lead to a better performance.

This workshop is specifically designed to address key issues on the minds of those with management and executive responsibilities and those who work alongside them. Attendees will hear real world lessons learned that will enable better decision making when they are back in their office. The hands-on portions of the workshop offer more in depth look into forecasting and planning. Extra time is devoted to these segments of workshop to offer hands-on exercises designed to demonstrate the forecasting concepts and their applicability.

Why should you attend?

  • Designed by professionals with combined 50+ years of practical business forecasting / demand planning experience (not just theory)
  • Numerous group activities and hands-on EXCEL® exercises that foster stronger understanding and retention of materials covered during the workshops
  • Practical understanding of leading forecasting software packages (from SAP APO, Manugistics / Logility / i2 / ForecastPRO / Smart Forecasts / Autobox) to facilitate the discussion pertaining software selection and / or particular software related issues
  • 60 days post–workshop support via phone/email on workshop covered materials / topics
  • Workshops aligned with Institute of Business Forecasting & Planning (IBF) / International Institute of Forecasters (IIF) forecasting certification curriculums

Key Benefits:

  • Develop and refine methods and processes to link forecasting to the growth of revenue.
  • Learn the ways to incorporate the market intelligence into statistical forecasting.
  • Analyse the patterns in data and data cleansing concepts that lead to better base line forecasts.
  • Evaluate various forecasting approaches and their place in evolution of independent forecast to the One Number Demand Plan.
  • Enhance your knowledge of statistical concepts that are fully applicable to all forecasting software packages and systems.
  • Learn how to measure forecast performance and how to link it to inventory management and customer service.
  • Acquire knowledge of how to setup the Exception Driven forecasting process that improves the utilisation of your resources.
Who should attend:

CEOs, COOs, CFOs, Executive Directors, Directors, SVPs, VPs, General Managers, Chief Procurement Officers, Head of Supply Chain, Analysts, Planners and Forecasters who are responsible for:

  • Forecasting / Planning
  • Demand Planning / Management
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Sales & Operations Planning
  • Statistical Modelling
  • Procurement / Purchasing
  • Demand Supply
  • New Product Forecasting
  • Allocation and Planning
  • Load Forecasting
  • Production Planning
  • Material Management
  • Logistics
  • Inventory Management
  • Strategic Planning
  • Brand & Product Management