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Supercharging B2B Sales Productivity

The science and secrets of selling more by eliminating buyer resistance.

23 May & 24 May 2016 (Singapore) and 26 & 27 May 2016 (Shanghai)

Why should you attend?

A 2014 Accenture / CSO Insight survey reports B2B Sales productivity is falling. Reps achieving quota dropped 9% in 2014. This came after sales quotas had been lowered in the previous year. This fall in productivity came after firms had invested over 30 billion dollars over the previous 3 years on productivity boosting CRM and marketing automation tools.

B2B sellers face three formidable challenges:

Challenge One: Buyer resistance is minimising the influence a seller has over what they buy

CEB research shows B2B customers are 57% through the buying process before they even talk to the seller. And then the conversation centres on price. Google empowered buyers believe they have access to all the information and choices they need to make a wise buying decision on their own.

Challenge Two: Price fixated buyers

B2B sellers report customers are increasingly price sensitive who expect more and more for less.  When sellers have lost the ability to engage early and shape the buying process, they feel they have little choice if they want the sale, to slash their price.

Challenge Three: Large customer buying groups struggle to reach consensus

CEB research reports the average B2B decision-making group now includes 5.4 buyers. As the number of decision makers grows, sales cycles lengthen, stalled deals increase and margins shrink.

Leave the workshop having master the three B2B sales success strategies.

  1. Engage early and help shape your buyers’ decision criteria by first building deep trust.
  2. Craft an unbeatable value proposition with Aha! sparking insights.
  3. Transform your customer’s buying group into a coalition of committed supporters.

Key Benefits:

Learn how to:

  • Design Aha! sparking insights to  increase your average deal size
  • Boost your margins by changing the mindset that cause buyers to buy on price
  • Fill your pipeline with higher- value qualified prospects
  • Shorten your sales cycle so you can increase the number of deals you can compete on
  • Improve your win rate by marginalizing competitors
  • Convince buyers why they should consult with you at the start of the purchasing process

Who should attend?

This course is essential for:

  • Executives looking to dramatically increase their sales productivity.
  • Sales team leaders looking for new ways to accelerate their teams’ performance.
  • Coaches searching for new proven influencing techniques to replace the traditional ways that are increasingly ineffective.
  • Ambitious sales professionals looking for the performance edge that will propel them into the top 10% of sales achievers.

Most relevant departments:

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Key Account Management
  • Channel Management
  • Business Development
  • CRM Management